ระบบคานพร้อมตัวดันสินค้า Merchandising system


A crossbar pusher tray system which
allows more products to be displayed and,
thus, increases visibility. The system
works in ambient temperatures as well as
in sub-zero environments such as freezers
and coolers.

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ระบบชั้นวางสินค้า แบบถอดประกอบได้ Sigma™


A modular merchandising system that
improves both profitability and
sustainability by creating abundant looking
display in the fresh produce category with
a lower risk of shrink.

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ตัวดันสินค้าพร้อมกล่องโลหะ Multivo MAX

Multivo™️ Max

A flexible wire metal pusher tray system
that keeps shelves stocked and front-
faced. The system keeps shelves perfectly
merchandised and reduces the time
needed to keep the shelf organised.

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