OPT Divider

ตัวกั้นสินค้า OPT

Shelf divider system allows for clear
segmentation and attractive shelf display
while reducing the time spent keeping
shelves in order. Optimal™️ can be adapted
to fit many packaging formats, offering
flexibility when creating an appealing
product presentation.

Multivo™️ Max

ตัวดันสินค้าพร้อมกล่องโลหะ Multivo MAX

A flexible wire metal pusher tray system
that keeps shelves stocked and front-
faced. The system keeps shelves perfectly
merchandised and reduces the time
needed to keep the shelf organised.


Packaging-free merchandising allows
shoppers to choose the exact amount of
product they would like to purchase while
reducing packaging waste. Bulk products
often offer lower unit prices versus pre-
packed equivalents, creating better value
perception for shoppers and higher
margins for retailers.


กล่องแสดงสินค้าวางเล่นระดับ GoMix

A colourful waterfall display made up of
boot bins that can be decorated and
branded according to your desired colour

Scoop bins

กล่องพร้อมที่ตักสินค้า Scoop bins

Our scoop bins are approved for food
contact and the smart design guarantees
first-in-first-out stock rotation.